Art replication is defined as an enhanced digital reproduction that is a beautiful and expertly-executed stand-in for the original work.

When I make replications of my work I often make limited numbered prints or number replications of my acrylic work on canvas.

Photographic Arts is the company who I trust to do this work for me

All pieces are numbered, printed on either watercolor paper or canvas.

I often use some enhancements on replicated work, whether it be paint enhancements to collage paper enhancements to the painting, matte or border.

Replicated Art Available for Sale

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Watercolor desert landscape of Juniper tree

Juniper Man in Bryce National Park

Juniper Man in Bryce National Park Among the majestic spires, …
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Jeff's Rock Garden

Jeff’s Rock Garden

Jeff’s Rock Garden The Yampa River Botanical Park has much …
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