Portraits and character illustration has been a fascination for me beginning in my youth and then during my travels around the world in my 20’s and 30’s. For 2 summers I lived on a Greek island and did portraits for a part time living, learning a lot through the process! My travel journals are full of character illustrations and portraits, among other illustrations. 

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Capturing Character and Special Place

The past year during the COVID era, I took on the project of trying to learn as much as possible about watercolor portrait techniques, producing many of the samples shown on this website.

I have found satisfaction in capturing a person’s character and really enjoy being able to place my characters in the environment which reflects their nature. For example, the cover painting on my website is one of me paddling my canoe “Charlotte” on Steamboat Lake, an activity which I spend many hours doing in the summer months.

Commissioned portrait work involves a lot of commitment from all parties involved. I like to meet with my clients and get to know them, and then I need to take photos or receive photos of the subject to be painted. I need to be in email contact with my clients so that I can send pictures of the progress of the work. I generally only work on one commissioned project at a time, so there may be a waiting period.

Email me at my email address leslie@lovejoygraphics.com to inquire about portraiture.

Portrait of Ray Heid

Ray Heid

Portrait of Tim Magill

Tim Magill


There is nothing like being able to capture a special moment or place or time of day in a landscape painting. Each of these landscapes has a special place on my heart and usually a story to go with them.

During my 40 years as a graphic artist I have been commissioned to paint wall murals of landscape scenes, garage doors, a special home in a special setting, and scenes from the back porch and even scenes on skis!

You can view some of these samples on my commissioned art page.

Since retiring from graphic arts a few years ago I have enjoyed painting landscapes for my own enjoyment. Landscape also includes my historic barns and structures of Routt County series and landscapes from travels to distant places.

landscape painting commissioned by the Schaler's

Schaler Landscape

Commissioned art samples

Samples of commissioned art