Jeff’s Rock Garden

Jeff’s Rock Garden

Jeff’s Rock Garden

The Yampa River Botanical Park has much to offer our community.

Beginning in 1995 the Yampa River Botanic Park sprang from a flat horse pasture to a six acre gem of ponds, berms, and over 50 gardens. It is one of the jewels of Northwest Colorado and one of a handful of botanic gardens in the State.

The Botanic Park is an innovative, perhaps unique, experiment in private/public development and maintenance of a public botanical garden. The six acre Botanic Park sits on land donated to the City of Steamboat Springs by the founders. The Botanic Park is maintained and governed by an Association, a volunteer organization that was delegated by the City to manage the Park, raise funds, hire staff, and design, create and maintain the gardens.  The organization receives no tax dollars and is supported by the generosity of members, donors, and private foundations.

Jeff’s Rock Garden is a pleine-aire painting, where I was inspired to paint Jeff’s Rock Garden. This sweet rock garden growing in lava rock was exciting to paint.

I am donating this piece to the Yampa River Botanical Park fundraiser this coming June. Look out for it and make a bid!

I will be printing numbered giclee replication prints.

They are available on an order basis.

Contact me directly for prices.