Emerging Water Lilies in Spring

Emerging Water Lilies in Spring

Emerging Spring Water Lilies

The first view of water lilies emerging in the springtime always brings me a feeling of peace and hope.

In Hinduism water lilies are often associated with the concept of resurrection. This is because this flower will often “die’’ during the night, and will ‘’resurrect’’ during the morning.

Water lilies are also considered as something pure because they grow in the mud, and it is free of toxic particles.

Water lilies are one of the most beautiful flower in the world, not only because of their appearance but because of what they represent.

This is why many countries have chosen this flower as a national flower, and why many religions often consider water lilies as a symbolic representation of their beliefs.

In addition, water lilies are so different from one another. There are water lilies that only bloom at night, while many others only bloom during the day, there are types of water lilies that can only be found in certain areas, and many others are an endangered species in some places and this is truly magical!

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