Lily on pond
Water Lily

Lily on pond

Water Lily on Pond Botanical portrait of water lily painted at the Yampa River Botanical Park. Beginning in 1995 the Yampa River Botanic Park sprang from a flat horse pasture…

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Sandhill Crane Dance

Sandhill Crane Dance Sandhill cranes performing a movement called bill spar and is usually performed by 2 male cranes.  The sandhill crane in the background is in a position referred…

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Blue Heron Rookery

Great Blue Heron Rookery Watercolor and collage painting of a Great Blue Heron Rookery located on the Labyrinth section of the Green River just outside of Canyonlands National Park. A…

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Sandhill Crane Performing Jump Rake Dance

Sandhill Crane performing Jump Rake Sandhill cranes performing their spring jump rake dance.  Each spring I watch as the sandhill cranes arrive in their spring migration back to North Routt…

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