Coureur de Bois ski race 2014

Coureur de Bois ski race 2014

Coureur de Bois Ski Race

Coureur de Bois is a French term referring to an independent entrepreneurial French-Canadian trader who traveled in New France and the interior of North America, usually to trade with First Nations peoples by exchanging various European items for furs. Some learned the trades and practices of the Indigenous peoples.

The North Routt Coureur de bois race series was a 100 kilometer winter nordic race and called the “Toughest ski Race in America”. This painting was commissioned to be a prize for this race and all participants were given a copy of the poster using this painting as the image on the poster. This painting features local Steamboat legendary figures, such as Ray Heid, Bill Fetcher and Larry McCoy.

This painting sold, however there is a full size giclee reproduction available measuring 30″x24″ and is printed on stretched canvas.

Purchase price is $400.  plus shipping.

Contact me directly to arrange purchase and shipping or fill out my form and I will respond as soon as possible