Stillwater Reflections

Stillwater Reflections

Stillwater Reflections

Stillwater Reflections illustrates a view of a long stretch of the river ending with a view of what is called the Butte of the Cross. It was given this name by John Wesley Powell’s expedition down the Green and Colorado River.

The Butte of the Cross is actually 2 separate buttes, which appear as one at this point of the trip.

The Stillwater section of the Green River can only be accessed by the river and necessitates hiring an outfitter to pick up canoes and clients at the confluence of the Green and the Colorado Rivers.

Stillwater Canyon offers the last 52 miles of calm water on the Green as it winds through Canyonlands National Park and meets the Colorado River. As you leave the launch point at Mineral Bottom you can look forward to scenery on the grandest of scales. You may visit the ruins and rock art sites of ancient Puebloan Indians who vanished from this area hundreds of years ago. There are a lifetime’s worth of off-river exploration possibilities including access points into the Doll House and the Maze, Canyonland’s most remote district. Throughout your trip the possibility of discovering your own desert paradise is limited only by your desire to find it. All trip time recommendations are based on paddling about 15 miles each day, which we have found to be a comfortable average for most groups. This pace allows some leisure time during your trip but additional days should be added if you desire to have days devoted exclusively to hiking or layover camps.

We use Tex’s Riverways, who have been reliable outfitters for this adventure for many years.

This painting is framed and measures 20″x16″.

Purchase price is $300.  plus shipping.

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