Dutch Door Wheeler Ranch Barn

Dutch Door Wheeler Ranch Barn

Wheeler Barn Dutch Door

The Wheeler Ranch dates back to the early 1900’s and sits on County Road 129. Surrounded by the beautiful hay fields of the Elk River Valley, with a view of Hahns Peak in the north.

Scenic vistas abound in the Elk River Valley. Named after the abundant herds of elk that call this area home, the river itself once served as a logging route in the 1900s. A mix of historic ranchlands backs up against national forest, Sleeping Giant and the Mount Zirkel Wilderness.

Gravel roads filter off County Road 129 and weave their way deep into every corner of the valley. Working farms and guest ranches intersperse single-family homes set on acreage. Small subdivisions have been built in clusters, offering a neighborhood feel, while still ensuring privacy within their rural settings.

Filled with history and pioneering spirit, the Elk River valley offers a true taste of the Wild West.

This is a painting that has been beckoning me for many years, mainly for the Dutch door to the barn and it’s character after being chewed on by many generations of horses.

Dutch doors were common in the Netherlands in the 17th century. They were devised for use as exterior doors on farmhouses to keep animals out and children in, while allowing air and light to come and go.

This painting is beautifully framed and matted.

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